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Become a part of ADSI – We want to hear from you!
We have an Association of Descendants of the Shoah Newsletter called "A Brivele".
When you become a member, you will receive our informative newsletter with
articles and stories of interest, planned group events and much more. Contact us at: for details, since at this time we are taking membership
by e-mail requests from this website.

You can also help support ADSI with an ad in our organization's outstanding
newsletter. 600 copies of "A Brivele" are printed and distributed each
quarter. Annual Ad Rates are as follows:

Half page - $250.00
1/4 page - $180.00
1/8 page - $125.00
Business card (submit business card for ad) - $60.00
Ad production assistance provided at no extra charge. Ask
for details.
Name of Organization____________________________________
(If applicable)
Contact Name___________________________________

Address _______________________________________

City __________________State______Zip____________

Phone ( ____ ) ________________________Ext. ______

E-mail ________________@____________________
Ad size:
___Half page ___Quarter Page ___Eighth Page
___Business Card
(please check the size of the advertisement you are requesting)
Ad Message _____________________________________


Please attach a reproduction quality logo (if desired) to go with your ad. Make all
checks payable to:
Association of Descendants of the Shoah.

At this time, we are taking e-mail requests for advertising in our Newsletter and
Website. Please e-mail us at: for more details.
Thank you for your interest.

Send an e-mail to: